Help Us Stop Terramor from Overdeveloping

Help Us Stop Terramor from Overdeveloping

September 7, 2022
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Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger
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Why this petition matters

Dear Petitioner,
We are concerned citizens, who live in the residential area between Saugerties and Woodstock in New York State. While we appreciate progress, we do not want to be overdeveloped, and strongly believe RESORTS do not belong in residential communities.

TERRAMOR, a division of KOA, is proposing a glamping RESORT to be built on
77 acres of pristine woods and wetlands in the middle of Saugerties/Woodstock
(aka Saugertstock) a residential neighborhood. The RESORT proposes 89 structures, including a large wedding and event lodge, restaurant, swimming pool, 75 campsites with private bathrooms and fire pits, and a dorm for 25-30 staff.

We are very concerned about:

  • Wells running dry 
  • Air pollution from 75 firepits
  • Risk of forest fires from 75 firepits  
  • Noise and light pollution from 270 “campers”
  • Falling property values
  • Loss of wildlife habitat
  • Filling in of wetlands
  • Excessive traffic on 212

Pleas join us!
Sign this petition to help stop Terramor Overdeveloping in our community. And send a strong message to others who have the same agenda in mind. 

Your contribution of $10, $25 or even $100 will go a long way to helping to defeat Terramor.  Please donate today.


Support now
Signatures: 37,512Next Goal: 50,000
Support now