Resignation of Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk

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This petition is for the resignation of Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk. In the midst of the social unrest being experienced in America everywhere, the Mayor has failed to be a leader to his people of Joliet, IL.

As an elected official, his duty was to hear the voices of his city and work to create a solution in his city. Instead what the people of Joliet received was a blatant disregard for their pain and again, their cries have fallen on deaf ears as well as met with violence and assault.

Sunday, May 31st Mayor O’Dekirk assaulted and slammed to the ground, protestor Victor Williams. (Caught on film) Victor as seen in the video had his hands up to show he was not fighting back. This did not stop or halt O’Dekirk’s hostility in the slightest. Victor is in the hospital and his brother was harmed when stepping in. This occurred after a performative kneeling with the protestors to show his solidarity shows how outright laughable it is to think he’s supportive of the people he has sworn to serve and protect. 

When O’Dekirk addressed the video released he stood his ground and REFUSED to apologize for his grotesque behavior. He told reporters “his police instincts kicked in” further proving the need to reform the policing policies nationwide. Mayor O’Dekirk is unfit for his role in Joliet. I urge you to spread this petition like wildfire and email him yourselves at: Let’s be on the right side of history, Black lives matter.