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Residents/Rescues in Orange Co. FL: Fire Robert Ridgway, DVM and replace with a CARING VET!

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Dr. Robert Ridgway is now the veterinarian at Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) He used to be part of COVANCE, an organization that experimented on animals. His application for the position was turned down in 2009; somehow he managed to recently get hired again by OCAS. His attitude toward the public and the animals he deals with is evidenced in this letter, written by him, to a resident asking why a particular animal was euthanized:

From: Ridgway, Robert

Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 6:53 AM

Cc: Villella, Debra; Bruce, Donald E; Luther, Dil; Register, Sandy

Subject: RE: The euthanizing of Animals

I was just going to delete your email but thought what the heck I will respond to you.

Thank you so much for your email. Orange County Animal services adopts about 300 animals a month and I personally see about 300 animals every two weeks that are sick, injure and other medleys. In addition I do about 150 surgeries a week. My hands are so sore from doing surgery I can hardly pull the power core out of my cell phone in the mornings. Oh stupid me I still do it I retired from OCAS and you ask why I came back to work where there is no mercy and the work loads are very heavy and horrendous. It was not until I got your email that I realized why I came back to OCAS. Besides being stupid, I wanted to get dumb emails from people like you that make my day. Emails like yours are so stimulating it makes hard working people want to butter up to you to make you happy —believe me they will.

However, I have to congratulate you on your level of intelligence. I personally have to examine animals and obtain as much information before I can have a direction of the needs for the animals to enable a decision to be made. You know more about the animals without ever seeing them and from a distance then people who work around them every day, in and day out. You have super natural ability that is uncommon among mankind you are a very gifted person indeed.

Do to your super natural knowledge I suggest that you attempt to go to veterinary college and when you graduate, if you can, you come take my job. I would love to hand it over to you so you can get this kind of email from people smarter than you. You know the kind they know everything but know nothing.


Dr Ridgway


This was the letter he received  - do you think it merited such a nasty response? 

Subject: RE: The euthanizing of Animal ID: A272168 Room No.: WD27 known as Hershey

It is my understanding that you ended the life of this dog who had both a committed rescue to pull him and an adopter.  I would specifically like to know where the communication broke down, as well as, what steps you are taking to prevent this from happening again.

My interest in this is peaked because of recent changes eliminating rescue partners and its direct effect on the number of animal saved.  I would also like to know the "euthanized" numbers since the changes have been in effect, versus "saved" numbers.

This effects me in that, I am part of a larger on-line community that works tirelessly to get your animals in front of as many eyes as possible for rescue or adoption.  It is very disturbing in that before the policy changes, I participated in transports of at least 20 dogs to rescues that would otherwise have died at your shelter and after these changes, I have not received one single transport request.

I expect that there will be some sort of action taken against the staff involved in this unforgivable mix up.  If a mistake of this consequence happened in any other arena, it would be considered malpractice.  Not to mention having to be the parent explaining this to their child.

"Animal Services" as your name implies, is to be of service to the animals in your county.  I look forward to your response.  Please be advised that am notifying the Board of County Commissioners and Advisory Board accordingly.

I'm totally disgusted by the stories i've been reading this week about Ridgway's ongoing malpractice at OCAS. A dog comes in with a broken hip. Ridgway says it's not broken. Two days later he says the left is broken. Then he says it's the right. If you can't tell the left from the right, should you be touching an animal? If his hands hurt so much he shouldn't be operating. His shaky hands might slip and cut off something else instead. He should go right back into the retirement he so obviously craves. He hates dealing with the public as evidenced by his letter.

If you are in agreement, please sign this petition and have him removed from his position, along with the people who hired him, knowing his attitude and background, including Dil Luther and Debra Villella. There is a meeting on Tuesday at the Orange County Commissioners meeting at 2PM. We'd like to get as many signatures by then as possible. The animals are counting on YOU!

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