Fire PO Clayton Swartz

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On Saturday night, I attended a graduation party where an off-duty police officer was also in attendance. The entire night, it was clear that this man was watching myself and my black friend the entire evening. At one point in the evening, we were alone in a room and the off-duty officer came into the room and reenacted George Floyds death, MOCKED his last words with his knee on his friends’ throat asking him if he could breathe. I watched in shock as one of the people who is supposed to protect and defend me intentionally tried to intimidate us and glorify police brutality. White guests at the party came to our defense and the officer brushed it off saying he did nothing wrong.

This man, a 25-year-old ROOKIE has been policing YORK CITY, a predominantly black & Hispanic community, for two years. This man does not value black lives and I fear for the black and brown men, women, and children who call York City home that may encounter him throughout his career as an officer. His father is the police chief of a neighboring township, we need to make sure this isn’t brushed under the rug. We filed a complaint with the City of York office of internal affairs, and demand that CLAYTON SWARTZ be removed from the York City Police Department.

At the peaceful protest in York city we spoke with Commissioner Osborne Robinson III who literally told us we should have recorded the incident. The police told us we should have been policing this off duty officer. The York City Police Department claims they exist to serve all people…with respect, fairness and compassion and Clayton Swartz has made it clear he is not fit to serve all people.   

Contact the York City Police Commissioner to demand PO Clayton Swartz be held accountable:

York City Police Commissioner Osborne Robinson III-
(717) 846-1234