Recall Governor Laura Kelly

Recall Governor Laura Kelly

20,052 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
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The Office of Governor Laura Kelly The People of Kansas vs Laura Kelly

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Started by Nathan Houser

Governor Kelly has overstepped her role as Governor with her actions. This is a petition to Recall her Election to Governor.

Thousands of Kansas kids are missing out on a valuable education, their last year of Grade school, last year of High School and Graduation, and/or last year of College and Graduation due to her shutting down schools in an unprecedented move brought about by her Liberal viewpoints.

Thousands of Kansans are at risk of going bankrupt, losing their homes, their jobs,  their livelihoods, and their businesses due to the overreach of Governor Laura Kelly. Thousands have lost unrecoverable amounts of money in their Retirement savings due to her Stay at Home Order and her shutting down businesses. She has stepped on our Constitutional Right to Assembly and our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion.

The State of Kansas is losing tax revenue at an unprecedented level due to Governor Laura Kelly's current policies. She has even raided the pensions of State Employees and Teachers to try and balance her budget. Kansas needs to open up and start bringing in tax revenue before we pass a point of no return on our budget deficit!

It is time that We the People of Kansas take back our rights and recall Laura Kelly and her Dictatorship of our great state! The people want to go back to work! The people want to go back to their lives! We have done what has been asked and  Flattened the Curve!" Now it's time to go back to business as usual!

Let it be up to the individual and individual business owners on how and when to open up and come out of quarantine! This is a free country and it is the individual's and individual business owner's right to choose, not Governor Laura Kelly's! It's time to stop the overreach that Governor Laura Kelly is taking to all new levels. It's time she is held accountable!

20,052 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!