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Petitioning Mayor Dwight C. jones and 13 others

Residents of Public Housing in Richmond Against Mass Eviction Want Richmond's Elected Officials to Answer!

Public housing residents demand respect and the right to self-determination.

Letter to
Mayor Dwight C. jones
Virginia State House
U.S. Senate
and 11 others
U.S. House of Representatives
District 1 - Councilman Bruce Tyler
District 2 - Councilman Charles Samuels
District 3 - Councilman Chris Hilbert
District 4 - Councilwoman Kathy Graziano
District 5 - Councilman E Martin Jewell
District 6 - Councilwoman Ellen Robertson
District 7 - Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille
District 8 - Councilwoman Reva Trammell
District 9 - Councilman Doug Connor
Virginia State Senate
We would like to pose the following questions and receive a response in the form of a public comment:

Will you commit to making a public announcement declaring your support for one-for-one replacement of public housing units destroyed with the upcoming Creighton, Whitcomb Court revitalization efforts?

Reliable public transportation is a vital resource for public housing residents in their being able improve their lives. Will you commit to insuring that public transportation is extended to areas beyond the city limits where employment opportunities are more abundant?

Will you publicly commit to remove the pre-school children from AV Norrell Elementary School?

Will you commit to establishing a Section 3 certified green jobs training program for the affected communities of public housing touched by city of Richmond upcoming revitalization efforts?

We ask that all meetings going forward are established with a commitment to outreach within public housing communities with a mandatory minimum two week public hearing process where the first week is on alternating days of the week. For example...Monday and Wednesday and then the following week to be Tuesday & Thursday or vice versa. This will assure the opportunity to effectively arrange attendance transportation by the advocates within the communities.

Thank You,