Resignation of Carlos Acosta from McHenry County Board

Resignation of Carlos Acosta from McHenry County Board

January 11, 2020
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Residents of McHenry County Illinois
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Why this petition matters

Started by L. R.

This petition is asking for the immediate resignation/removal of Carlos Acosta from the McHenry County Board.  Carlos Acosta was the DCFS "Advanced Child Protection Specialist" that was assigned to AJ Freund’s case in December 2018.  Carlos Acosta is currently an elected board member representing district 5 on the McHenry County Board.

The Inspector General and DCFS officials conducted a thorough investigation/review of Carlos Acosta’s involvement (work) with AJ's case.

The Inspector General noted warning signs were ignored in AJ's case, warning signs that could have changed the trajectory of his fate.  "Investigators ignored the parents' long history of addiction, the mother's recent relapse, and the parents' isolation of the children from caring relatives and day care providers," Paniak wrote.

As a result of the investigation Carlos Acosta has been terminated from DCFS.

Crystal Lake police took AJ and placed him in protective custody when they noticed a suspicious large area of bruising on his hip.  When the police asked AJ's mother how AJ got his bruises, she stated “she had no idea where it came from”.  When Carlos Acosta arrived at the police station AJ's mother then said that the family dog pawed him and AJ said the same. 

Carlos Acosta, the DCFS “Advanced Child Protection Specialist” with more than 20 years experience, failed to consider that AJ’s mother originally told police she did not know how her 5 year old son got his injuries, and then later claimed the dog must have pawed him.  Without further prior investigation Carlos Acosta the DCFS “Child Protection Specialist” ended protective custody of AJ, and released him back to his mother, back to his abuser.  When he then, despite all the warning signs, simply advised AJ’s mother to take him to the doctor to have the bruise looked at. 

While at the hospital AJ, in private, finally had the courage to use his voice and said to the doctor "Maybe someone hit me with a belt...Maybe Mommy didn't mean to hurt me". 

Carlos Acosta did not accompany them to the doctor, did not have AJ evaluated or conduct a further investigation before ending protective custody and returning him to his Mother, his abuser.   He spoke with the doctor on the phone who advised Carlos Acosta she could not determine how the bruising was caused, but she was concerned by AJ’s statement and recommended AJ be evaluated by a physician trained in child abuse.  Carlos chose not to do this, despite both the police and the doctors concerns, that they did not believe the injury was consistent with being pawed by the dog.

Carlos Acosta has a history of workplace complaints and a previous suspension.  He ignored a court order.  Failed to alert the prosecutors office about a mother’s heroin use, and refused to hold a child and made the child walk across a parking lot in their stocking feet.

Carlos Acosta currently has a lawsuit against him that accuses him of reckless conduct, violation of investigative protocol and callous disregard, ignored DCFS procedures and the prime directive of the Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.  DCFS will not provide lawyers to defect him in this lawsuit.

In his short time on the McHenry County Board, he has already been removed from the Storm Water Committee due to lack of showing up to meetings.

It has also been discovered that Carlos Acosta, on three found occasions, signed himself in as at DCFS, on state time, when he was physically present, sitting in his seat, at McHenry County Board Meetings.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Carlos Acosta has shown DELBERATE INDIFFERENCE time and time again.

Carlos Acosta failed AJ, failed AJ's family, failed the police, failed the doctor, failed our community, failed the residents of McHenry County, failed DCFS, failed the taxpayers of Illinois.

We, as tax paying citizens of McHenry County, do not want him representing us.  We sign this petition demanding his immediate resignation/removal from the McHenry County Board.

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Signatures: 5,727Next Goal: 7,500
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