A total ban on fireworks!!

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Over the last few days, from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day, there have been countless stories of animals totally traumatized by fireworks. Some have unfortunately died as a result of the instinct to flee from  the extremely loud noise. Residents have had to resort to drugging their pets with various medications. However, even that is often not enough to ease the trauma these poor animals experience, especially with the insanely loud 'big bangs.'

As a community we have now decided that enough is enough! It is time to take a stand & protect the pets who are such an integral part of our families. We would not inflict such horrendous treatment on our fellow human beings so why should we tolerate it on our beloved pets who only give us unconditional love & total loyalty? 

I am calling on all concerned citizens in South Africa to please sign this petition & share as widely as possible for our beloved pets. Fireworks need to be banned in totality. Let's not subject them to this torture one more time. This is the least we can do for their unwavering loyalty & pure, unconditional love. I love my pets as I do my children. Do you?