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Charnwood Grove be made a One Way Street

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Myself and fellow other residents of Charnwood Grove, St Kilda are growing increasingly concerned and frustrated with the heavy traffic & public street parking congesting our quaint street. The beautiful street of Charnwood Grove has transformed into a local car park and busy shortcut route.

As a result of this traffic, residents cars are being damaged (side-swiped due to narrowness of street, scraped/bumped from poor parallel touch-parking), vehicles are getting stuck in congested parked cars (to the point you cannot move your vehicle without hitting another car), cars are speeding through the street and on multiple occasions even traffic jams have occurred with people beeping their horns and even at times getting out of their vehicles to abuse each other. Local, permit paying residents at times cannot even get a park on the street due to the amount of parked cars (non-residents) on the street. It is my belief that Charnwood Grove is not safe and wide enough to accommodate two-way traffic. A single car travelling through alone just makes the clearance between the two-sided parked cars.

I would like to put forward to the City of Port Phillip a request that the traffic conditions of Charnwood Grove be reviewed, and continuing on from Charnwood Crescent be made a one-way street. Further to this, we also ask that the 4hr parking be reviewed, as many local workers park on the street, taking up spaces of paying residents. 

We believe these changes will result in reduced traffic, as well as making the street safer for its residents.

Thank you for your support.

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