Removing all combustible cladding

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Combustible cladding is a flammable material used on buildings. The NCC (National Construction Code) states that when building, builders must use products that allow enough time for residents to evacuate. Combustible Cladding allows enough time to evacuate houses . While on apartments it burns to quickly not giving enough time for residents to evacuate the building. Making it appropriate on houses but not on apartment buildings.

The QLD government  has created the Safer Buildings Program to find apartment buildings  that have flammable cladding. The program is specifically  for buildings built between January 1st 1994  -  October  1st 2018.

If you have found flammable cladding on your apartment the best way to keep you and your family safe is to remove it as soon as possible. If you are having cladding removed  be certain  you have a licences builder doing the job. When they have finished removing the cladding double check you have a non-flammable  cladding replacing it.

If you own a building over 3 story's  then you need to register in the safer buildings program. If you register you must complete parts 1 & 2, if  the government  is still not certain that your building is safe then you will be asked to complete part 3 & 4 of the program. If you are the owner of a house or  town house you do not need to register. If you own a apartment in QLD  and you live over seas or in another state or territory then your agent can go through the process for you.  

If you have combustible cladding on your over three story building then check for combustible cladding. And securer a combustible cladding free future.