Support Small Business Development in Tremont, Maine - Acadia Wilderness Lodge

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I was born in West Tremont, Maine where my father used his small business to support my family. My entire family lives in West Tremont and we have lived here for 3 generations and like my father before me, my son is using our land to start a campground, Acadia Wilderness Lodge to continue to support his family. 

There are people who have moved to Tremont who are attempting to tell us that we can no longer do what the ordinances allow us to do with our land.  We can't have a small business, we can't make a living for our family.  This is not how America works. 

Acadia Wilderness Lodge, a campground that will be developed on my family land, is an environmentally friendly campground that will use all solar energy to protect the environment.  Our campground will allow my grandchildren to move back home to Maine so that I can see them grow up.  We are a small, family business and no one should be able to tell us that we can't start a business.  

We are creating walking and biking paths that the kids in the community can use.  The traffic on Kellytown Rd and Tremont Rd goes so fast it's not safe to let my grandkids walk and ride their bikes.  Kids in our communities can ride their bikes through the trails we create safe. We are also creating a Santa's Village on the campground for the kids of our town at Christmas time.  Our schools and community need new businesses and tax dollars to help bring us locals better community facilities.  The other small businesses, lobstermen, and shops in our community who make a living off of tourist would also benefit from our campground.  Who would object to this?  And why?  

Please sign this petition to help support our small business and the freedom to be able to start a small business in my hometown, Tremont, Maine.