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Started by Gillian Goslinga

URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE:  We Cornvillians and concerned Verde Valley citizens oppose the rushed permitting and construction of an urban 100' cellular mast tower at 9420 Cornville Road at the mouth of our beautiful rural valley and demand of our Yavapai County and/or the site developers SQF LLC rigorous written site-specific elevation and other analyses of the proposed location and RF propagation maps TO CONCLUSIVELY PROVE:

That the general justification in said application of gap and/or weakness in coverage needs of our valley can ONLY be served by a 100' tower and could not be BETTER SERVED at a less impactful location or by one or more colocation booster antenna/es whose impacts to our property rights and our valley's character and beauty, therefore quality of life, would not be as severe and permanent.


The proposed tower at the mouth of the Valley on Cornville Road at valley floor elevation behind the Country Store/Mercantile complex would be equivalent to a 7-8 story building in height in a mast cell metal urban looking design  disguised as a giant fake metal nonnative elm tree, with fake bark and fake leaves.  We oppose this.  Booster antennas and Starlink Satellite services are effective and aesthetically congruent with our rural landscapes and views.

Yavapai County accepted a "complete permit application" on Tuesday December 7 2021 that consists solely at this date of letters of intention, requests to enter lot, verification of lease and zoning for the targeted parcel, preliminary site plans and a final submission on12/2/21 of an identical proposal that was given to the Cornville Community Association on or about  September 17, 2021.  All interested parties can view with account access these files on the Yavapai County website.

The proposal that County has accepted contains only minimal and inconclusive SITE SPECIFIC analysis or rationale. 

We, the signatories of this petition, demands that our Yavapai County hold the site developer SQF LLC to rigorous standards of verification and proof in accordance with all Federal and State statutes and rights preserved to localities to protect their property rights and environmental quality of life in their review of this permit application.

SPECIFICALLY, at this time, we demand to see:

  1. Written site-specific analysis of RF propagation maps proving alleged severity of gap in coverage requires a 100' cellular tower at this location to be optimally addressed WHEN far less intrusive and impactful booster colocation antennaes could do just as well instead, or another less impactful location could be found for local businesses and private residences;
  2. Written justification for inefficiently placing a 100' mast cell tower at the bottom of the valley surrounded almost immediately by equal or greater elevation mesas and bluffs. The tower as placed 1 mile emitters would run into terrain blocks within 1000' to 2600' in more than 50% of its radius,  waste 75% of its radius on sparsely populated or empty national forest areas and in the remaining 25% radius, fails to reach homes in dips, densely forested corridors or through existing structures;
  3. Accurate visual impact images that show to size and perspective accuracy (for example with balloon testing) the 100' tower height ratio to nearby buildings and aesthetics impacts on the rural scenic Cornville valley from all perspectives and properties who would be looking at said tower; also its aesthetic costs on visually scenic descents into the dip of the valley on Cornville Road; 
  4. Assess the property value impacts of such a massive urban looking tower on properties that would look or be placed under its shadow;
  5. Evaluation with the help of our Fire Department the site specific risks of collapse and fire and so personal life and property risks of the fall zone of the 100' tower, with accurately measured impacts on adjacent residential and commercial properties that potentially may become un-insurable because of proximity;  
  6. Written evaluation with the help of our Fire Department of the risks of fire propagation to nearby mesas and bluffs and riparian corridor in the advent of a tower fire or collapse and considering the flammable structures of gas station, hay barn and propane dispensary that are within 250' of it.

Concerned citizens can join Verde Valley For Responsible and Safer Technology on Facebook to find out how to lend their full support to a better wireless solution for Cornville.

228 have signed. Let’s get to 500!