Reserved Quota for DELHI BORN in NCT of Delhi

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Dear Government,

We strongly need the policy to provide reserved quota to DELHI BORN in all establishments located on the land of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, whether government, semi-government, public undertaking or private.

DELHI BORN is the person who is born and permanently residing in NCT of Delhi.

The reservation is much needed for:

·        Recruitment in all vacancies

·        Admission in educational institutions

·        Treatment in medical institutions

The DELHI BORN is facing hardship

to get employment in the establishments located in NCT of Delhi as the vacancies gets filled from applicants of other states;

to get admission in Educational Institutions for their studies as the limited seats of institutions gets filled migrated students coming from other states;

to get treatment in hospitals/ medical institutions as the limited beds/ facilities gets occupied by patients coming from other states;

DELHI BORN is unable to obtain these basic needs for themselves from the state where they are born and living. Despite domicile, they have no privilege and have to compete with applicants coming from other parts of the country. This is the reason why every year thousands of DELHI BORN forced to move to other states or Country for education and employment. On the other hand, other states of the Country have reservation based on domicile in their universities and government vacancies, therefore, DELHI BORN also face the problem in getting admission and employment in other states. There is specifically mentioned in all advertisements, besides other reservations, that “domicile of the state will be preferred”.

Now there is a strong need to secure the future of DELHI BORN. The money of taxpayers from Delhi is being used to fund such establishments and it is your responsibility to safeguard the interest of DELHI BORN. Why shouldn't the Delhi tax payer’s money be used for education, health, employment and opportunity of DELHI BORN?

The government must take immediate action and make the policy for Reserved some reasonable percentage of total vacancies in all departments and autonomous bodies in every establishment/ office located in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Similarly, some reasonable percentage of the total seats and beds must be reserved in educational and medical institutions, respectively, and also in other opportunities like sports, for DELHI BORN. The Policy/ Reserved Quota must be applicable on all establishments including government, semi-government, public undertaking and private, located on the land of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. However, we clarify that through this demand, do not want to promote regionalism.

We are looking forward to your positive response

Your’s Sincerely