Resume the bank accounts of "Indian Cryptocurrency Exchanges" from Indian Banks

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Hello my dear fellow Indians,

Firstly, Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

I, as a humble and sincere citizen of India would like to address this problem on priority basis and take the first step to escalate this suspension to the National level. We require every single Crypto investor to join this mission and sign this petition to allow Indian banks to resume bank accounts of "Indian Crypto Exchanges"

I understand that a lot of people wish to trade Bitcoin and other Alt coins at their own risks. It is also understandable that the same has been cautioned by all existing crypto exchanges and also Reserve Bank of India.

What bothers us the most is, people funds being struck because of "INDIAN BANKS"

Reserve Bank of India once warned Indians, "trading or investing in cryptocurrency is at their own risk". I appreciate their concern towards the people/citizens of India. But what alarmed me is, the act of them to narrow the flow of funds into people's bank accounts.

I think they should re-consider the issue of 'Indian Banks' suspending the Bank accounts of "Indian Crypto Exchanges". 

If government wishes to favor people, it should rather resume the flow of people's funds rather than suspending accounts. Now our funds are just struck in between banks and Indian crypto exchanges.

Thanks again! Jai Hind!