Prompt reversal of undispensed cash in failed ATM transactions

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The current RBI guidelines stipulate that banks may take upto 7 WORKING days to refund & credit a customer's a/c which has been incorrectly debited upon trying to withdraw money from an ATM, however the cash was not dispensed.

Being a PNB customer, I recently visited a PNB ATM @ Rajiv Chowk metro stn & tried to withdraw Rs. 15,000. This amount was deducted from my balance (rec'd an SMS alert to confirm), however no cash was dispensed. I immediately registered a complaint on the helpline & rec'd another confirmation SMS. I was casually informed that it would take at least 1wk!

Despite contacting my own branch, circle heads/zonal officers, the ATM cell & even the MD directly, no one appeared to care as a matter of urgency. I was ignored & asked to 'patiently wait'. I was brushed off, being informed that this is a technical issue.

I needed this money urgently, as it was a salary advance. Effectively my bank withheld my own money from me - depriving me of my monetary needs. I felt robbed & stolen from.

The RBI needs to change their policy wherein banks are mandated to take responsibility to provide financial assistance to their customers on a priority basis in such cases. Moreover, the TAT for resolving suchlike should be within 24h.

We live in an inhumane & mechanical society. No one bothered how I would manage for so long without funds. Shall I go & rob a bank instead? No one has the right - especially a bank to steal money from their customers in such a way. Investigations can be undertaken quickly.

I still recall back in Sep '17 when an ATM dispensed torn mutilated notes (which still happens). I visited several banks & even the RBI - no one helped. Only 1 branch finally decided to exchange the notes. The RBI stated at the time that despite demonetisation being completed 1y prior, still no guidelines had been issued re dealing with such issues. We live in a broken political system here...currently there is no preventative mechanism & 1 day this could happen to anyone reading this. Beware & please act fast now by supporting me! Thanks