Remove Animal fats from Australian bank notes.

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Since 1988 Australia has used NPA polymer for our plastic Australian notes. Although these notes are great and much more resilient than the old paper notes a little known fact is they contain Tallow (which is Animal fat often derived from cows or sheep), The purpose of this is to give a slippery surface, however animal friendly alternatives do exist.

This has recently come to light after the United Kingdom released their new five pound note which contains tallow and was met with great concern from the community. The Reserve Bank of Australia has today (30/11/2016) confirmed that Australian Bank notes too contain Tallow.

This is an unnecessary additive, which unnecessarily uses animal products, as well as being against the ethical principals of many people including Vegetarians, Vegans, Animal lovers and some Religious groups such as Buddhists, Hindu and Sikh.

Please stand with me in calling on the Australian Government and the Reserve Bank of Australia to remove Tallow from all new Australian bank notes.