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Rescue Masha From "Bear Baiting" Camp in Russia

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GOAL: Rescue Masha From "Bear Baiting" Camp & Send Her To Sanctuary

INFO: There are approximately ten bear baiting camps, known as *Pritravochnye Stations, in the Moscow region; Masha is contained at a camp called TTS Fryazevo.

*Pritravochnye Stations: parks or camps wherein bears - and other animals including fox, raccoons, and badgers - are used as "bait" to train dogs to hunt wild animals.                         

BACKGROUND: Masha, an 11-year-old bear from a travelling circus troupe based in Moscow, walked up-right in costumes during performances with the Circus on Fontanka in St. Petersburg. Retired from the circus because of her age, Masha is now being held in a much more gruesome place - a camp that uses her as "bait" for training dogs to hunt bears in the wild.

What occurs during baiting sessions? Masha is tethered to a post, kept on a short chain to hinder movement; she is then savagely mauled by the teeth of the trained hunting dogs. Terrified, Masha suffers immeasurably while having her flesh torn at and ripped apart. The hunting dogs have been groomed to act extremely aggressive. Masha's claws and teeth have been removed - an agonizing mutilation for which no anesthetic is used - so no harm is done to the dogs. 

As the dogs are encouraged to attack, Masha - unable to remain upright due to general weakness from a poor diet - will soon tire. This is when the bear's face and neck become vulnerable to the dog's sharp teeth. Masha sustains more injuries than the dogs do in these savage attacks. Often times, the bite around the bear's neck is so strong that dog’s mouth has to be pried apart using sticks.

Once the dogs are finished attacking Masha for the day - baiting sessions lasting approx. ten minutes at a time - the exhausted bear is returned to a tiny wire cage, just two feet by three feet. Masha is given little food and water to ensure that she is in a weakened state for the next day's assault by the dogs - she is literally a slave to this gruesome torture! 

Most animals that have been used as "bait" are left permanently scarred - both physically and mentally. They live on to suffer further at the hands of their owners. All too often, this barbaric cruelty results in a slow and painful death - due to stress or injury. Weak, chained, and unable to defend herself from the relentless onslaught, Masha is fighting daily for survival; the scars on her face tell the horrid story of her suffering.

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>>>  SUPPORTERS: Once you have signed the petition, please EMAIL the following Russian officials in regards to helping free Masha from the bear baiting camp. I have provided a form letter for you (below); you may copy/paste it into an e-mail, or you may create your own letter for Masha. Thank you, sincerely, for your dedication to helping Masha.


1] Russian Presidential Executive Office, Vladimir Putin

23 IIyinka Street, Moscow, Russia 103132



2] Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev

Chairman of the Party "United Russia" DA


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