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Rescind the voter photo ID law

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There are few examples of voter fraud at the voting booth.  Indeed Brian Darling, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a very conservative think tank, was unable to come up with a single case. So why the voter photo identification (ID) laws? They are, purely and simply, a way to prevent large numbers of eligible voters in fifteen states, including 18% of voters in Pennsylvania alone, from voting. These people represent 127 electoral votes, and could easily make a difference in who becomes our next President, if a significant number are kept from voting. Why?  Because African Americans, poor people old people and young people, in general, are the people most affected by these laws.  These are the people most likely not to have photo IDs, and, in this election, would be the most likely to vote for Barack Obama.  There are several things that are of the utmost importance to me. First of all, our very democracy is at stake. In 1965, the 24th Amendment was ratified, and got rid of the poll tax, which kept most African Americans from voting; and in 1965, the Voter Rights Act got rid of the literacy requirement, the law that also kept many African Americans and poor people from voting. It upheld our Constitution: that all people were created equal. But here it is, 2012, and fifteen states are once again imposing Jim Crow laws -- not just on people of color, but on old people on young people, on the urban poor, on the poor in rural areas, on people who don't have access to public transportation. It is hard us to imagine that not all Americans have access to a car, but 11% of Americans do not even have drivers licenses. That number increases significantly for the poor and for people of color.  We can't imagine what hurdles people must cross can in order to get a photo ID and/or a certified birth certificates in the states that require require these for the "right" to vote.  See: 

It is absolutely necessary that every eligible voter have that right to vote in this election, to maintain our democracy.  It is one thing for voters to vote for their candidate of choice. It is another thing for elections to be allowed to go to the highest bidder, and that is what, I fear, is happening in this country today.  Voter photo ID is a direct result of this buyout, in which one party is able to keep significant numbers of another party's constituents from voting.  I believe in fair elections, but there is no fairness when one party is able to keep people certain people from the polls in order that their candidate wins an election.  Fifteen states(!), all headed by Republican lawmakers, are engaging in this kind of cherry-picking.  What would they be doing if the tables were turned?

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