Rescind Jack’s Suspension


Rescind Jack’s Suspension

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Flagler Palm Coast High School Greg Schwartz

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Started by Cameron Driggers

Jack Petocz, lead student organizer of the DON’TSAYGAY walkout, has been suspended by Flagler Palm Coast High School after being reprimanded by Principal Greg Schwartz. 

Principal Schwartz gave explicit permission and approval to the organizers for the walkout to happen, despite cutting our time and changing the location repeatedly. 

Now, after interrupting the walkout and cutting it far shorter than what was previously agreed on, Schwartz has suspended Jack indefinitely “pending an investigation”. 

FPC admin must have forgotten that students have freedom of speech. This act of retaliation is utterly disgusting. We demand that Jack’s suspension be rescinded immediately and that he receives a personal apology from Principal Schwartz. 

Email Principal Gregory Schwartz at and let him know what you think about his conduct. 

Call Flagler Palm Coast High School at 386-437-7540

Let’s hold those who would oppress and silence students accountable for their actions.  

-Cameron Driggers, Student Organizer


This petition made change with 7,551 supporters!

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