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Rescind Decision to Implement Corporal Punishment (Beating) of Students

In the 21st century, it is hard to fathom why a civilized person or society would ever desire to hit children, or deem it as acceptable. Yet the Ozark City School Board in Alabama, has taken a step backward in society and social progress by deciding to re-implement the archaic and barbaric practice of beating children as punishment. Call it any innocuous euphemism that you wish - "paddling," "spanking," "licking," "popping," etc - it is nothing less than a controlled beating. Using a paddle instead of a cane, chain or whip matters not - it's still beating a child. This is abhorrent and completely unacceptable in a civilized society. We cannot let a sadist ideology prey upon children simply because some people's ignorance is so great it precludes them from being able to understand basic child psychology and the proper way to discipline children. So please stand with me by signing this petition. I want to put such immense social pressure on the Ozark City School Board, that they not only rescind this backward, sadistic decision, but that they publicly apologize for ever considering allowing child abuse as suitable punishment, and they wear their shame for such ignorance. Join me in speaking against this egregious promotion of child abuse, and in helping to give a voice to the Ozark City School students who are not allowed a voice in this matter. Great things have come about from these petitions, so let's continue effecting positive change - even in the little known city of Ozark, AL. Thank you.

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Ozark City (AL) School District Ozark City (AL) School Board
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Ozark City (AL) School Board.

Rescind Decision to Implement Corporal Punishment (Beating) of Students

Recently, the Ozark City School Board reviewed and decided to re-establish a corporal punishment policy. In short, the Board has approved beating children with a wooden board as acceptable punishment. Such a barbaric and sadistic practice is unacceptable and your decision is reprehensible. It also is in direct contradiction to the hundreds of studies showing that corporal punishment is damaging to children and a contributor to violent behavior, among other ills, in later years. And that doesn't even include the immediate physical damage left in the form of grotesque bruising on the buttocks.

We the citizens of Ozark and others across this country, and on behalf of the heretofore voiceless students of Ozark City Schools, will not stand for this blatant promotion of child abuse as punishment. We demand that you immediately rescind the decision to re-establish a corporal punishment policy, and publicly apologize for ever considering violence toward children as an option. This petition is only the beginning. If it does not effect the change we demand, we will pursue all options legally available.

We hope you will see the egregious error of your decision, and look forward to the announcement that the Board has rescinded this decision to bring violence via corporal punishment, into our schools. Thank you.


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