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The state of Kentucky has to be one of the most backward thinking in what used to be the number one crop in the state.  During WWII,  it was grown and was vital to the nations welfare.  Farmers were given Deferments even, because it was so important to the military's use.  Please help us change things here.  We have so many people facing felony charges that the legal system is clogged and going broke from the punitive actions of the authorities.

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My Personal Testimony:
I am a 100% disabled Viet-Nam Veteran,  I live on a fixed income in constant pain from  back injuries and suffer extreme PTSD,  severe anxiety attacks, and also have colon cancer and Sub-arachnoiditis from head trauma sustained while in the military .
  I was a user of  Medical Marijuana because I received better pain relief and relaxation from it than most of the medicines the physicians will give you.
  In October last year,  I had a warrant served on my home for raising nine Marijuana plants.  maybe it was wrong but The way I was arrested is insane.  I answered my door completely unarmed with no intention of denying access or show aggression in any way.  My wife was in Florida caring for her sisters children while they were on a vaction.
  I was met  by a 12 gauge shotgun in my face and after the initial schock noticed that there was 1. The Buffalo Trace Area Drug Development Task Force.  2.  The Ky State Police 3. The Fleming County Sheriff's Dept, 4. The Mason County Sheriff's Dept,  5,  A Swat team was on standby,  6. A helicopter was on standby for whatever reason. 
  I came to find out through my attorneys Petition for Discovery that this was supposedly an investigation into charges that I was trafficking  Marijuana to Lexington,  Ky.  Selling Controlled substances,  and posessed huge amounts of pills that were allegedly sold by me.  This was all based on anomymous tips from April to October and was told that my neighbors had all been interviewed and there was irrefutable evidence.    On the warrant,  my name was spelled wrong and SSN was not correct,  my wifes Birthdate was wrong and  the Petition for discovery showed that the only evidence that was found was that there was allegedly some Marijuana leaves in my trash can which is located 750-800 ft from my residence on a highly traveled public highway.
  My contention is that if there was this many funds allocated and wasted by this investigation,  why was not one neighbor I have spoken with interveiwed,  why was there not one person who could corroborate that I had sold anything of any type to anyone and why were the names on the warrant and other information wrong..  That pot could have been placed in my trash by anyone who drives on US68 which is a major highway.
  My concern is that if they had truly investigated me,  they would have known there was no traffic by anyone except my Pastor and friends locally I attend church with who visit rarely.  10 days later my wife was arrested on the same charges and we were both held on 10,000 dollar cash bonds each.
  As a result,  My Blood pressure medicine,  my pain medicine,  and my seizure medicines were witheld from me by the local authorities.  They were in proper containers,  recently dispensed by the VA Hospital and had the proper amounts in them. and I wound up spending four days in the local hospital being stabilized from seizures,  dehydration and acute anxiety attacks.  I have still not fully recovered and will probably never be able to regain any sort of composure after this incident.  thank God,  my neighbors knew of my medical condition and when they heard the story,  went voluntarily and got the money to get me out of that jail before I died.  My wife had no sort of prior record and I did have prior convictions from when I was experiencing a severe case of PTSD in the time frame of 1975-1979.  if this is not an utter waste of our tax dollars and an overkill attitude by these agencies,  I would like to know why.
  I sincerely believe that someone needs to look into why this incident occured and why there was such shoddy information used to obtain a warrant when a simple phone call to the local Law enforcement would have netted the same results at a much greater savings in both money and my health.   Plus the humiliation and way we were treated by this/these agencies was absurd and needless.
  My wife was a substitute school teacher and was immediately relieved of her job which she loved,  we are both active in the Church and local community affairs and I am a huge advocate in trying to help our kids stay away from drugs and also voluntarily try to help our returning veterans get the help they so badly need upon their return. 
  I am sure I will never see this on the news because it is dominated by those who have already become celebrities for whatever reasons.  But I felt that someone should come and look into this matter.  Maybe I was wrong to grow Marijuana in my own residence which never left the premises but I feel there is more to this than just what is being told in the local papers.   I have at least voiced my thoughts on what I consider a travesty on someone who volunteered to serve their country and as a result am being persecuted for it.
Thank you for tyour time and I hope someone will read this and take an interest.
Sgt Robert E Silvey  USAF/DOD 25 years (ret)
2265 US68 PO276
Ewing,  Ky  41039
H- 606-267-2135
C- 606-748-1328

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