Make 'Smoking Zones' mandatory in Multi Apartment communities and IT Parks

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As we know, these days big apartment (multi unit) complexes and BIG Information Technology (IT) parks are growing in number and there is no Smoking laws if a person smokes in his/her balcony or some open areas in the IT parks. Smoking affects neighbors in the apartment, as one is obviously causing harm to neighbor or to the people walking around in IT parks. 

This menace is growing rapidly, so i have two requests

1) would like to request concerned bodies (Tobacco Laws/COTPA/Anti Smoking Laws) to enforce law to stop smoking in multi unit apartments and open areas in IT parks.  It shall be punishable offence

2) Government (possibly via Real Estate Regulations Act?) should also enable/order IT parks and Multi unit apartments to designate Smoking zones like airports. So smokers can smoke in those dedicate zones.