Require Recycling in Reno Apartments (Reno Residents Only)

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Require Recycling in Reno Apartments (Reno Residents Only)

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Ikya Kandula started this petition to Reno City Council City of Reno

According to the 2010 national census (U.S. Census Bureau), approximately 40% of the housing in the city of Reno is multi-family.Among the many communities in Washoe County, Reno is by far the largest city. Considering more than 40% of the housing in Reno are apartments and condos, you would expect major apartment complexes in Reno to offer recycling for their residents. A major trash/recycling hauler in Reno shared that only two percent of the apartment complexes it services chose to partake in recycling. Another major trash/recycling hauler disclosed that they don't provide recycling for any of apartments they service. So, in all of Reno, six apartments are serviced to recycle. Taking into account there is only two recycling center for the entire city of Reno, the costs of gas and time alone to bring recyclables to the center would be enough to deter an apartment dweller from even recycling. We are dumping all our recyclable materials into a landfill that supports the waste of over 200,000 residents!

We want to reach the step where every single major apartment complex accomodates for recycling in Reno. Thus, our petition name isn't trying to force recycling on apartment dwellers, but rather trying to garner interest in the community so that we require apartments to make recycling availale for its residents.

Putting Recycling In Perspective:

PRICING:  First of all, recycling bins actually cost less than trash bins do. Secondly, we want to get to the point where recycling will offset the amount of trash being thrown away, since "trash" for most apartment complexes includes recyclables. This will not only drive down the rates of recycling, but also divert tons of waste from our current landfill, thus helping the city avoid creating a new landfill, which would significantly increase garbage hauling rates.

SPACE: Apartments who have pursued recycling before have eliminated both the space problem and money problems; they split the space between garbage cans and recycling bins. Not only does this save money for the apartment owners, but this also encourages more residents to recycle! So why don't all apartments do this?

OVERALL BENEFITS OF RECYCLING: I'm sure you've all heard about recycling and that recycling is good, but do you know why? Here are just several reasons why recycling is beneficial for our community, our Earth, and our future generations:

--Reduces the need for landfills and incineration, which means we can make the most of out of the resources we have.
--Saves energy because the energy needed to process recycled materials is considerably less than the energy needed to process virgin materials from scratch.
--Reduces pollution because it reduces the amount of carbon emissions going to the air by saving energy from industrial production.
--Helps preserve our environment because less trees need to be cut down to produce more paper, thus helping us preserve our natural resources.

How We Plan On Changing Reno's Green Scene:

As the youth of this community and the future generation, we're taking it upon ourselves to voice our opinions on preserving our community's natural resources and recycling as effectively and as frequently as we can. We will be appearing in City Council with a case study and a petition, sharing city-wide interest in this project and marking the benefits of recycling for our community. Then, we plan on going to individual major apartment complexes with a comprehensive plan on how to start recycling in their complex. We will support the complexes in their recycling endeavors through educational plans for their residents so that the residents know that recycling bins are available for them and how exactly to use these recycling bins. 

How You Can Help:

We love seeing all this awesome support from Reno residents! It really makes our day, so, if you are in support of recycling in Reno and our project, please sign and share this petition with as many Reno residents as you can! Thank you so much to all the people who have helped immensely in our getting the project started and garnering our initial support for it!

We need to start caring about recycling in our community. This is only the first step to making Reno the Greenest Little City in the World!

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This petition had 399 supporters

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