Require FedEx Ground contractor's trucks/vans to have working A/C for delivery drivers.

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Summers can be extremely hot -- especially in parts of the South or Southwest where temperatures can climb into the upper 90s or 100s very easily.

And yet despite this heat, many FedEx drivers have to drive in vehicles that have no air conditioning. It's practically torture to make these drivers deliver packages in trucks with no working air conditioning -- especially when temperatures are dangerously hot.

We don't ride in our vehicles in this intense heat without air conditioning, so why should these dedicated delivery drivers have to endure the dangerous heat without A/C?

We can help convince FedEx that their drivers -- who work hard to deliver packages all around the country -- have the protection they need from heat and hot weather. Sign my petition and let's ask FedEx to do right by their drivers and come up with a way to offer air conditioning in all of their vehicles.

This petition can also help the drivers of UPS, USPS and many other companies that drivers have to endure this extreme heat without A/C! 

Keep drivers cool while temperatures soar!