Stop Uranium mining in Nallamala Forests

Stop Uranium mining in Nallamala Forests

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Prime Minister of India (Prime Minister's Office)

Why this petition matters

Government of India's plan to mine uranium in Nallamala forest would badly damage biodiversity apart from affecting the environment.

The uranium mining would generate radon, which was a product of the radioactive decay of uranium.

Underground uranium mines may have high concentrations of radon. People who inhale this may be affected with lung cancer and kidney issues may arise when people drink water with uranium waste.

The people of two Telugu states will be affected because of uranium mining and Krishna waters will get polluted. If pregnant women drink the polluted water, there is a major threat that looms large. Many people belonging to the Chenchu tribe have already started movement against the plan. 

Two Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be affected because effluents generated from uranium processing could potentially join the Krishna river nearby, which both states depend on.

The biodiversity of Nallamala would be affected and the animals will face a threat to their lives. The lives of the Chenchu tribe would become worse and no crop can be grown after the mining of uranium, as water would get polluted and may not be suitable for agriculture.

Saving our environment for future generations shroud be our primary responsibility. No government has any rights to exploits nature. We should not ignore environmental costs for the sake of meeting our development goals. We must think deeply about avoiding development projects in mining and infrastructure often come at the cost of natural forests we might never be able to recreate.

Ask the GoI to stop its plans for Uranium Mining which would severely impacts the generations to come. 

3,084 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!