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Prosecutor Howard Long
Judge Nicholas Trabosh

Request that Dominique Dillard serve her sentence for starving Schmiegel OR go to JAIL

Back in May 2011, Schmiegel was found by Camden Animal Control, starved and unable to move and was surrounded by feces. He had been neglected and starved for an alleged 3 week period by owner Dominique Dillard.

Schmiegel was not expected to survive due to the advanced stage of malnutrition and neglect. Thankfully, he survived and was cared for by New Jersey Aid for Animals.

Dominique Dillard was sentenced to a mere 15 days of community service, fine and a ban from owning pets or having any contact with any. This sentence was so light because of a plea deal by  the prosecutor.

Quote from article: Judge Trabosh said, "You just have excuse after excuse for this, and you haven't even tried to say you're sorry or appear contrite. I wouldn't let a rat live in the conditions you allowed this dog to live in." After stating Dillard's community service, he added, "If you don't show up, you'll be going to real live jail."

Please sign this petition and request for Judge Nicholas Trabosh to abide by his word and send her to jail if she continues to not comply with the sentencing.

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Letter to
Prosecutor Howard Long
Judge Nicholas Trabosh

We, the undersigned, request that Dominique Dillard complete her community service and pay all fines or go to jail for not complying as stipulated by the judge in his ruling.