Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Season 3

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The purpose of creating this petition is to request for a season 3 or a movie finale of Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Based on the manga and anime, there is actually more to tell about Kotoko and Naoki's journey of parenthood.

i) As for the ending scene where both of them were taking a stroll in the park, can be assumed as Kotoko's imagination of their future after the arrival of their daughter. Season 3 gives a chance to fans to see Kotoko during her pregnancy in the drama as seen in the anime version. In my humble opinion, l do think their story can be prolonged.

ii) Their daughter, Kotomi grows up to have a father complex for Naoki and tells him that she wants to marry him. Kotoko however, feels displeased and tries to fight for his attention. 

iii) Narrating part of Irie Yuki's life with Konomi and Kinnosuke with Chris.

We request the casts to remain the same with Furukawa Yuki and Miki Honoka (Yahagi Honoka) as the main leads and the other same minor characters as well. Most of their fans admire this show for the main leads' good chemistry and compatibility.

Why Itakiss 3?

The reason for season 3 is to give a closure to Tada's masterpiece as her work was left unfinished due to her sudden passing and the manga was orignally given a temporary ending by her husband. By far, this version of Itakiss is the best adaptation that is portrayed into live action among all the other versions out there. Alot of international and Japanese fans are still longing for a season 3 to be made. All of us hope from the bottom of our hearts that the directors and scriptwriters will give deep consideration into making our wishes fulfilled as fans.

Directors: Nagata Koto & Kawano Koji

Writer: Miura Yuiko 

Producer: Moriya Takeshi

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