Petition to impeach Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

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  •  Governor Whitmer has increased, proposed to increase certain taxes , or move allocated funds  to pay for road and schools.  She also banned sales of flavored e-cigarettes. She has ran on a false platform and her plan to increase taxes will harm tourism. We need someone in office who is for the people and using State Funding for what is suppose to be used for, rather than increase our taxes or move around funds to support their agenda. .  
  • 1) 40 Percent Of Whitmer’s 2020 Gas Tax Hike Won’t Support Roads ( currently funds road improvements through fuel taxes.
  • 2.)4) Michigan's current gas tax rate is 25th highest in the nation but that doesn't include sales tax (6 percent).
  • 3) Michigan gas tax, vehicle registration increased in 2017 to pay for roads.
  • 4)  Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, Proposal 1 (May 2015),_Proposal_1_(May_2015)
  • 5) Each time you purchase gasoline in Michigan, you're paying a couple of road-user fees as well: the 18.7 cents per gallon state gas tax, and the 18.4 cents per gallon federal fuel tax.

    gas taxes - State of Michigan 

  • 6) e-cigarettes are legal for anyone of smoking age.  Instead of a total ban, it should be illegal to buy until age 18 or older just like the sale of any tobacco products.  Companies who sell to under-aged minors should be fined just as they would if buying tobacco.   The vote for a total ban should of been a vote of the people of Michigan.  If people are worried about curbing teen vaping and/or smoking than a ban of all Tobacco products should be enforced.