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Remove Jim Roddey as your chair!

The Head of the Republican Party in Allegheny County Jim Roddey said yesterday "There was a disappointment tonight. I was very embarrassed. I was in this parking lot and there was a man looking for a space to park, and I found a space for him. And I felt badly -- he looked like he was sort of in distress. And I said, 'Sir, here's a place.' And he said, 'That's a handicapped space.' I said, 'Oh I'm so sorry, I saw that Obama sticker and I thought you were mentally retarded." - Pennsylvania Allegheny County GOP Chairman Jim Roddey, speaking last night at a Romney fundraiser. The crowd roared

IT IS UNACCEPTABLE to make fun of the intellectually disabled as part of a punchline in a joke.  If Mr. Roddey and the GOP can't treat the most vulnerable population with dignity and respect, how are we going to expect them to treat everyone else?

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  • Republican Committee of Allegheny County (RCAC)
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    Chris Metz
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    Matt Vermerie
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    Dave Majernik
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    Eileen Holste
  • Secretary
    Shirlee Nelson
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    Beverly Weiss-Manne

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