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Stop poisoning stray dogs and cats to "clean up the streets"!


We, the Turkish people, are outraged. Enough is enough. We're fed up with these so called "officials" acting in ways that bring shame to our country, people and humanity in general. Throughout Turkey, especially during tourist season, municipality "officials" (murderers) poison stray dogs and cats in hopes of "cleaning up the streets". These innocent, sentient-beings have as much right to existence on this planet as we do; this is their land, too. It's not enough they are homeless and hungry, do they also have to be treated as if they were garbage - to be killed, picked up and then discarded? If incoming tourists will intensify these mass killings, we do NOT want them to visit our country because as far as we're concerned, the money they bring in is blood money. We demand that humane measures be taken (such as spay/neuter programs) to address this issue. Please sign and share this petition and help us end this barbaric practice that we no longer want associated with our country. Thank you!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Avsallar Municipality
    Hüseyin Enver GÖRGÜLÜ
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    Ertuğrul Günay

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