Urge Armenia release the map of landmines in liberated areas of Azerbaijan to save lives !

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Help us to save lives by urging Armenia to release the location of landmines in liberated territories of Azerbaijan and stop preventable deaths!

During nearly thirty years of occupation of territories of Azerbaijan, Armenia laid dangerous landmines on an enormous scale, including during their withdrawal following the end to the conflict.

Tired and emotional internally displaced families are returning to their homes after nearly three decades to find their lives in danger from these landmines.

Crucially, Armenia knows where these mines are laid, yet refuses to release this information.  Armenia holds the keys to release these families from fear and give them their homes back.

Signing this petition adds your voice to urge Armenia to release the maps of these landmines, preventing further loss of life to innocent communities. These communities have a right to live without fear of being seriously injured or killed by mines that could be removed.

Why does this matter?

Since the end of the conflict, 20 Azerbaijani citizens, including 14 civilians have lost their lives from mine explosions. 85  citizens, including 16 civilians have been seriously wounded. Each of the 20 lives that have been lost to mines was entirely preventable: the human cost of Armenia’s mines constitutes a war crime.  

On 22 February 2021, the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister asked the United Nations to call on Armenia to release the location of landmines in liberated territories.

Those that have signed this petition once again urge the Government of Armenia to provide innocent families and communities with peace of mind by releasing the locations of these mines. Failing to do so constitutes a war crime.

Umud Mirzayev  – President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, NGO with General Consultative Status at the UN ECOSOC 

Hafiz Sefikhanov   –  Director of the  “Azerbaijan Campaign To Ban Landmines”

Rey Kerimoghlu    –  Chairman of the “Azerbaijan Mine Victim Association”

Shahin Ibrahimov  –  Chairman of the “Relief” NGHO 

Mammadhasan Hasanov – Chairman of the “Assistance in Solving the Socio-Economic Problems of Land Mine Victims"