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Representative Sue Wallis of WY to be removed from her office and Facebook!Humane treatment of animals around the world starts here!

READ ALL THE LINKS BELOW PLEASE! Sue Wallis is a Representative of the people, whether she likes the message or not she CANNOT attack the messengers who are not agreeing with her. We are horsemen and woman from across this whole nation who do not like her telling the few who do support her to attack those against her calling them, "low lifes"..Representatives should NOT act like this! This is horrific behavior and must be stopped. We need your help! A representative from WY is trying to get others to harrass us out of sending her messages regarding horse slaughter. She promotes propaganda filled with information that is not true and based on opinion and emotion. We need to seek information not just war against each other. The true way to gain is to gain wisdom, let's be the wise warriors for the horses, not the fools with intent only to rant. Let's be warriors of peace for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.!!

Stop her please as she is creating terrible emotions and promoting abuse! She is just mad because we are all across the nation sending her messages! Anyone supporting such horrible behavior needs to be stopped!

One of the best arguments against horse slaughter ever! Please listen. 


Is this how a representative should behave? This is VERY IRRESPONSIBLE

here is her tweet page as well! Let her know you do not support her!/search/sue%20wallis?q=sue+wallis

Sent to jail for slaughter!

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