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Withdraw Bill 4063 - Legalizing the exploitation of persons with dwarfism.

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Dwarf tossing is a risky, barbaric dehumanization of people with dwarfism. What sort of community endorses a competition in which human beings are thrown for sport and entertainment in bars?  This is a human rights outrage that should not be given legal protection if done to any living being, never mind a human being.  Far from being an "employment opportunity" for people with dwarfism, it exposes people who face discrimination and marginalization in the mainstream employment market to serious medical harms that have been repeatedly cautioned against by expert physicians.  Dwarf tossing does not entail the participation of little people as athletic competitors, but instead it objectifies them as "equipment." By legalizing this practice, the state gives explicit social sanction and legitimacy to the treatment of a specific group of people as mere objects.  This degrades the basic human dignity and rights of all people with dwarfism because it encourages the general attitude that little people are objects rather than people.  In an age where our society is confronting the epidemic of bullying, this bill encourages such behavior.  This is why Little People of America, the American Association of People with Disabilities, and their allies demand that Rep Workman withdraw from consideration Bill 4063, which legalizes - and thus endorses - the exploitation and abuse of persons with dwarfism.  Exploitation and abuse are NOT liberty!

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