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Please schedule and pass SB 1007 HD 1

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Dear Chair Luke and the Finance Committee

As supporters of sound liability law in Hawaii we the undersigned cannot urge you strongly enough to schedule and pass SB 1007 HD 1.  As the members of the committee should be well aware, the state is in dire need of liability protection.  Allowing this bill to fail means the state opens itself up to more litigation and will have no protection from those who might sue due to injuries caused by their activities on state lands. 

It should be clear that the benefits such legislation affords the state far outweigh the minor costs.  Already the state has been forced to pay millions of dollars to those injured while engaged in hazardous recreational use on state lands. SB 1007 HD1 ensures that Act 82, which has been functioning under a sunset clause due to expire this year will continue to do its work.  As some may remember, Act 82 was initially passed as a response to the tragedy at Sacred Falls resulting in millions of taxpayer dollars spent both in litigation and in damages.  The need to protect the state from future such litigation related to hazardous recrational us of public land is virtually the same as the already existing legislation that protects the state from hazardous recreation use of the oceans. 

As outdoor enthusiasts and taxpayers, we cannot express strongly enough how important passage of this bill is.  This legislation which was submitted by the Governor, is fully edorsed and suppored by both the DLNR and the Attorney General's Office -- it reflects the careful and time consuming negotiation of these agencies with the Chair of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and is fully supported by the numerous mountain recreational user groups. It has successfully passed all other committees and been unanimously approved by the Senate.  It will be a travesty of the democratic process if it is not scheduled for a hearing now. 



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