Keep Eaton Mill Wraparound Open

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Council funding is being cut for nursery educated grant funded children because of an inadequate OFSTED report.


To meet the requirements of the early years foundation stage and the Childcare

Register the provider must:

 provide Ofsted with the information it requires to check the

suitability of committee members


 develop a better understanding of what must be notified to Ofsted,

including changes to the management of the provision


 ensure all staff have a detailed understanding of the specific

dietary requirements of all children and cater for these accordingly

in the provision of all meals and snacks, taking full account of

parents’ wishes


All of the above requirements have been implemented, however OFSTED will not be re-inspecting the nursery until around 20/06/2018 resulting in the nursery’s closure for grant funded children from the 29/03/2018 leaving hundreds of children without nursery places.

We the undersigned would request that OFSTED re-inspect before the nursery closure date of 29/03/2018, ensuring consistency in our little people’s educational, social and emotional needs.


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