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Replace Uranium Nuclear Energy With Safe, Green, Cheaper Thorium Plasma Battery Technology

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At the risk of being black-balled and ostracized by my government and peers, I feel compelled to speak out as a plasma physicist. Since 1959 the scientific community knew that Thorium was a better, safer, and more economical option to power nuclear reactors, yet they pursued uranium  - why?

Simply put - because Thorium cannot be used to make nuclear bombs or power nuclear submarines - the two driving forces that gave birth to America's nuclear program. Why is Thorium superior?  For Five reasons as follows:

1.  Thorium is more stable and contains 20% more energy density than Uranium, thus yielding more energy per ton and dollar.

2.  It is impossible for Thorium reactors to have a catastrophic meltdown like we saw with Uranium in Chernobyl. Therefore there is no lethal risk to the community or world.

3. Thorium is more readily available in abundance while Uranium deposits will be fully depleted within the next 10 years, and almost 80% of Thorium deposits are found in the U.S. not in unstable countries.

4. Thorium does not pose the disposal nightmare that we experienced with uranium over the last 3 decades.

5. Since Thorium is not suitable for atomic weapons, we need not worry about emerging nations who really want and need and nuclear energy while we fear a secret nuclear weapons program.

So with all these benefits, why are we still using dangeous uranium that makes every nuclear reactor a ticking time bomb?  In simple terms - the military industrial complex, big oil, and all the politicians whose campaigns were funded and supported by both.

In 2004, Thorium plasma batteries made their debut as compact portable devices that could provide reliable power for 3-7 years, non-stop, without a recharge. Three inventors came up with 3 different but similar designs and all three worked flawlessly - providing a green alternate energy source with no adverse safety or environmental concerns.

Since these stand-alone  batteries can be manufactured in various sizes consider the following applications:

* Laptop and other PCs
* Electric bicycles & scooters
* Automobiles
* Trucks
* Ships & Barges

But think BIG and one of these plasma batteries the size of a shoebox could power a complete 5 bedroom house and every appliance in it.  Or one the size of Hummer could power a comlete 300 unit condominium complex without any external power grid connection. But think even bigger still... A battery the size of that same 5 bedroom house could power the City of Dayton - by plugging it into the local power grid. And there would be zero emissions. Thorium plasma power can eliminate every coal plant in the world in less than 5 ears. But it gets better still...

If were were to drive electric cars and trucks  powered by plasma battery technology, we could reduce global warming by 30% within five years and perhaps 50% within a decade. But what is good for mankind and our grandchildren poses a huge threat of financial loss to others - primarily big oil and politicians. Here is why...

While two-faced politicians talk about greening the world every four years just before they face elections, they are being wined and dined by big oil (Remember the Cheney-Enron affair?) to complicitly keep us addicted to oil. Why?

Because roughly 43% of all revenues paid for gasoline and other fuels are collected by the government in taxes, and these taxes provide more than a third of the nation's operating budget. Adopting green Thorium plasma battery technology would reduce national oil consumption by more than 85% and how would our pols get by with 33% less tax revenues. Once gotten, graft is no sot easy to surrender as one Senator told me last year - "It would be easier to quit smoking after 10 years of chain smoking!"

So in essence, short term greed obfuscates even the chance of any long term vision or concern for our grandchildren. But if we found a way to use Thorium to make some horrific weapons of mass destruction that could kill millions if people in some foreign oil-rich land 5,000 miles away, Congress would be throwing billions into its development.  In reality, those who are supposed to be serving "We the people" are simply serving themselves and the oil giants for as long as they possibly can.

Actually, my information is that the U.S. and Russian militaries are already using these nifty batteries in their most sacred programs (i.e. unmanned underwater missile launchers, spy drones, super long-range torpedoes, etc). So while Uncle Sam ignores our critical immediate need for green energy and clean air, they are preparing for some future war that could be years away, even though we now have enough weapons in our arsenal to destroy every major city in the Eastern hemisphere within 10 hours!

Meanwhile, there are over 100 nuclear plants fueled by dangerous uranium vulnerable to natural disasters, terrorist attack, or targeted in the event of our next war. Each and every time a nuclear accident takes place, we all become potential victims left only at the mercy of the winds.

Japan's nuclear fiasco is perhaps the final alarm Mother Nature will sound for us. Those of you with the interest and intelligence to sort fact from fiction need to start doing a little homework about Thorium plasma battery technologies and put the screws to your local pols, and compel them to put commitments in writing before they get your vote. As you may know by now, their ears only listen to us citizens every four years. Aftwards, they let money do all the talking - at our expense and risk.

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