REPLACE the INSANE Fiance Visa Process that denies 1 in 6 K-1 Cases to meet a quota

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The best immigrants to the United States are hand-picked by law-abiding, American citizens in the form of Fiancé(e)s - that Americans meet on vacation... or in college or graduate school... or work assignments... or in the military!

The process of Americans who travel abroad and meet foreign lovers will never end, and in fact will increase every year as international travel increases. It's time to find a process that accommodates the needs of these Elite Americans who have been screened by the CIA and FBI and approved by the USCIS.

But the insane fiance visa system keeps many Fiancé(e)s out, and let's Terrorists, Sham Marriages, and Human Trafficking victims in. In fact, the system allows the target groups to fly through the process...!

This INSANE system, "The Whole of Government Approach", starts with an inadequate background check that "lacks the infrastructure to verify overseas addresses" (quote of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State Leadership Team), then uses statistical "Indicators" that ignore the SCIENCE of STATISTICS, and then utilizes a US Consulate Interview that ignores the SCIENCE of PSYCHOLOGY.

Plus, the entire system ignores the SCIENTIFIC METHOD as the government's HYPOTHESES (i.e., the Whole of Government Approach works) is never TESTED or AUDITED against known TARGET POPULATIONS (e.g., Terrorists, Sham Marriages, Victims of Human Trafficking, other visa fraud criminals) that are caught after the fact by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other Law Enforcement Organizations). Also, the HYPOTHESIS is never audited to determine whether or not the Denial/Approval Decisions were correct.

The government is ignoring Science and accepted Best Practices. The system that the government implemented, "The Whole of Government Approach" is simply INSANE and puts the United States at a HUGE SECURITY RISK, as the next DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK from a TERRORIST who enters the USA on a Fiancee Visa is IMMANENT. Any 12-year old could beat this system, and the DHS and DOS cannot possibly keep TERRORISTS OUT using this system.  The ONLY thing that the system does effectively is keep legitimate couples from being together.

We have the support of the BEST EXPERTS that we can find in the United States, from Academia and from Professional Organizations, who agree with our opinions because our opinions are based on science.

Our Facebook Group is: "The INSANE K-1 Visa Process and K-1 Visa Denials".

Our YouTube Channel Trailer is: "Channel Trailer - The INSANE Fiance(e) Visa Process":

Watch the C-SPAN video where the Senate Committee on Immigration summoned the Leadership Teams of the DHS and DOS for a meeting on Fiance Visa Fraud:

Check the Department of State numbers on Fiance Visa Denials for 2016 here: