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Replace Kezar Track with One That Meets Today's Standards

The deterioration of the track at Kezar Stadium is clearly visible. Parts of the track are badly damaged by weather and overuse. The track’s shock absorbing and traction enhancing capabilities appear no longer functioning as designed. Physically, it feels like running on concrete. The current track was installed in 1991. We need your help in modernizing the Kezar track. It is our understanding that the City and County of San Francisco has had a line item in its Capital Budget Requests for the replacement of the track for the past five years. Please advise the City to release funding for this project as soon as possible.

To many LGBT athletes, the track at Kezar Stadium is more than just a public track. It is the site where the first Gay Games took place; thus, a symbol of gay athleticism. Today, it continues to be used by gay athletes, who are training either for future Gay Games, or other athletic events. The Kezar track is also used by various running groups, some of which help keep teens off the streets and/or seniors healthy and active. Unfortunately, the current condition of the track makes it difficult for individuals to enjoy. It is, therefore, San Francisco Track and Field Club’s sincere wish to see the track at Kezar Stadium replaced with a track that meets today’s standards.

No doubt the track replacement will lead to positive and tangible improvements in the wellbeing of San Francisco residents. But it will also honor current and future LGBT athletes by allowing them to train at the very same track where legendary athletes, such as Dr. Tom Waddell and Sara Lewinstein, once trained.

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