Let’s Replace Hampton University’s Inappropriate Pirate Mascot

Let’s Replace Hampton University’s Inappropriate Pirate Mascot

February 9, 2022
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Director, Alumni Affairs- Hampton University Brint M. Martin and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elaine B. Johnson



Have you ever wondered why our beloved alma mater sports a "Pirate" as its mascot?  Well, as a seasoned, professional librarian, I conducted some research and found no  justification as to why one of the top Historically Black Universities (HBCUs) in the world that includes noted alumni Booker T. Washington and the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. (Alberta Williams King),is affiliated with a Pirate.  Thieving pirates were romanticized in literature and the media as daring raiders and pillagers.

Thankfully, we have evolved as a nation. Several of the big ten PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions) have discarded mascots that were demeaning to Native Americans and African Americans.

Now it is our turn to select a symbol that is a vivid reflection of Hampton University’s enduring excellence.

Join me in petitioning for the replacement of the demeaning Pirate mascot. 

Hampton Hugs ❤️,

Elaine B. Johnson 

Class of 1971

Hampton University


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Signatures: 51Next Goal: 100
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Decision Makers

  • Brint M. MartinDirector, Alumni Affairs- Hampton University
  • Darrell K. WilliamsPresident, Hampton University
  • Dr. Charrita Danley QuimbyVice President & Chief of Staff, Hampton University
  • JoAnn W. HaysbertChancellor & Provost, Hampton University
  • Gena Michelle PembertonNational Board President, National Hampton Alumni Asso