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Repeal the Points System that killed Deavoghn Hernandez-Ruffin

On June 17, 2012, fights broke out at the Bug Jar, a Rochester bar and performance venue, as two rap performers were on stage. Security emptied the bar kicking everyone outside. Moments later shots were fired.

Deavoghn Hernandez-Ruffin was shot and later died. The 21-year-old had attended the rap battle to watch his cousin perform. Family members say he loved to dance and was a good father. He worked at the Walmart on Hudson Avenue.

He had spent his first Father's Day with his daughter who spoke her first words to him, saying "da da." Hours later, the victim spoke his last words to friends after he was shot outside the Bug Jar. He told them: "tell my family I love them." His brother says he was trying to diffuse a situation, so it wouldn't get out of hand.

In Rochester there is a point system for businesses. When the police are called to a situation that business is given points for calling them to do their job. Too many points, and a business can be fined or shut down. So, the point system ACTUALLY penalizes businesses for calling the police! if a business is a victim of a crime, and is then victimized by paying a fine, it just seems a little bit unfair; as though doing the right thing in cooperating with the authorities will make matters worse.

If the Bug Jar was able to call the police without repercussions as soon as the initial fight broke out there is a good chance that the shooting would have never happened and Deavoghn Hernandez-Ruffin would be alive today.

Sign the petition asking that city council repeal the point system in Rochester that led to the death of Deavoghn Hernandez-Ruffin.

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