Save Our Restaurants

Save Our Restaurants

July 14, 2022
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Started by Dixie Bones

Save Our Restaurants
End the $35 Million Meals Tax

Learn more about how Covid, inflation, and the Meals Tax are affecting our struggling restaurants in Prince William County.

These candidates in the November 8th election for County Supervisor will End The Meals Tax and Save Our Restaurants. Their opponents will keep the tax.

  • Jeanine Lawson - Board of Supervisors Chair
  • Karla Justice - Occoquan District
  • Jeannie LaCroix - Woodbridge District
  • Verndell Robinson - Potomac District
  • Yesli Vega - Coles District

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I support candidates in the November 8 election who will Save Our Restaurants by Ending the $35 million Meals Tax on food I eat in restaurants. 


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Signatures: 710Next Goal: 1,000
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