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Repeal prop 57

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For those unaware of prop 57 and what it's trying to achieve, here is the exact SUMMARY on california's official voting ballot.

California Prop 57- CRIMINAL SENTENCES. PAROLE. JUVENILE CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS AND SENTENCING. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUE. "Allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons. Authorizes sentence credits for rehabilition, good behavior, education. Provides juvenile court judge decides whether juvenile will be prosecuted as adult."

What I believe is that most people were not aware of what "Nonviolent" crimes actually mean. A list of nonviolent crimes in California include...

-Deadly weapon & Force 

-Battery with serious bodily injury

- Solicitation to commit murder

-Domestic Violence 

-Inflicting corporal injury on a child

-First degree burglary 

- Rape/sodomy/oral copulation of unconscious person or by use of date rape drugs. 

-Human trafficking involving a minor

-Hate crimes

-Arson of forest land causing physical injury 

-Assualt with deadly weapon on peace officer

-Active Participation in a street gang

-Exploding destructive device w/ intent to cause injury 

This Proposituon should have never been passed. At least without a redefinition of what a "Non-violent" crime in California is. Please look into this prop and sign this petition. We need to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. 


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