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REPEAL NDAA (The National Defense Authorization Act

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(This is basically exerpted from the letter to the Government and is much shorter.  If you are interested, I urge you to read it, also or instead.  Peace, etc., Bruce)

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
       ~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
       ~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr  

The NDAA once again provides the military with more money cut from social and environmental programs. This year, however, with Guantanamo’s facilities still open as if ready for resuming operations, with “Occupiers” having demonstrated in many sites across this great land; with national news reporting Chicago’s rapid creation of a number of new ordinances. It seems reasonable to wonder where this Democracy is headed. NDAA ‘S new restrictions also will affect all people in the United States -- not just US citizens or inhabitants. The Occupiers point out that the wealthy people “own” the government anyway, as well as the rest of the country

A number of other negative results are possible or likely. Internationally, I think that NDAA will further lower people’s esteem for America and Americans and our long-questionable claim to be “…the Land of the Free…” as the climax of our national anthem puts it; or the self-praise of other popular patriotic songs, or the Statue of Liberty’s engraving. I would expect that our appeal to international tourists will diminish, both from lack of respect and from fear of the NDAA. Any increase in the international balance of payments debts will add to all the various aspects of our people suffering further in the suffering economy. I know that many Americans already have lost more esteem for their homeland during these three weeks. I hear them talking about it, many with mixed anger, fear, and sadness.

The opportunities for dishonorable officers to take even further advantage of people or animals increase, now, also, as well as for them to prey on any person with even less concern for legal retaliation. The reluctance of rape victims to go to the law has always been high; now they still are likely to be accused of falsifying a claim but they may face an indefinite confinement. And what will happen to them during that time? Thus, it seems inevitable that the provisions of NDAA can bestow or increase fear and mistrust of law enforcement people, and even of the laws themselves: such laws could well be perceived as established with deliberate bias against minorities: ethnic, national, long-haired males or anyone with particularly noticeable unusual apparel, body piercing (am I too far behind fashions?), tattoos, LGBT people, even disabled people, homeless people most definitely, various forms of sexual harassments. There are more.

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