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Please support my petition to repeal Amendment One.

I’m generally opposed to condemning others views on GLBT rights as fighting fire with fire will never get anyone very far. However, I’m truly disgusted with the bigotry and hatred that GLBT citizens have to endure in this country every day. The truth is that America is years behind MANY other countries around the world in terms of equality issues. Hell… America is far behind MOST other countries in terms of our limited ability to look to the future as we can never seem to leave our past.

It’s time we wake up AMERICA. The world is watching and we continue to prove ourselves unworthy of our title; “land of the free.” Beyond our borders we are not revered as a great nation. We are seen as a country that lacks insight, promotes intolerance and dismisses others as inferior. We are so often viewed this way because we are this way as seen in the treatment of our own citizens. A country that would choose to purposely limit the rights of a minority, proclaiming them inferior SIMPLY because of who they love, will NEVER have the APTITUDE and INTEGRITY it takes to be the leader this world needs.

Do what’s right and set an example that we as AMERICANS can be proud of… VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE TODAY!

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