Repeal Law & Regulations that allows Senate & House to still be paid during gov't shutdown

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During this government shutdown, it has become clear to all who have been paying attention to the media that members of the Senate and House of Representatives still receive their paychecks and all of their benefits while the rest of those who depend on government funds and benefits to survive. 

How wrong and selfish is it that those at the top of the chain, who has caused this shutdown, can still be receiving their checks, while those who are way less fortunate are forced to find other means of survival until they decide to work together. It is absurd. 

IF, they were to lose their pay and their benefits, while there is a government shutdown, there will never be a shutdown in the future and all plans and proposals will come to some sort of agreement in a timely manner. There is not one member of the Senate or House that would allow a stop in THEIR payments because of petty things. 

So, please sign this petition and let's make our voices heard. We as an American public will no longer tolerate this type of injustice. It will be equal rights and equal laws of payment from the very top all the way down through the chain.