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Majority of the roads in Hyderabad are in a pathetic state and there has been limited or no action taken by GHMC to repair these roads - Multiple complaints on the GHMC Website has yielded zero results. 
These roads cause accidents, traffic jams and huge inconvenience to the public.

Over Rs 200 crore (Source: Deccan Chronicle - 22nd Aug 2013) is spent in all by various agencies in the city for construction, recarpeting and repair of roads in the city every year. But the still don't have good roads in our city.

Several stretches of roads stay unrepaired, while with others, the repair work is so shoddy it has made the road worse than before. There have been no inputs on the actions taken against Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation engineers for building bad roads and the contractors are let off after a meager penalty is extracted under the defect liability clause.

Moreover, the lack of coordination between the GHMC, Police, Water Board, Central Discom and APTransco etc, leads to issues where once a road is re-laid it could very well be dug up a short while later by some other agency to lay pipelines and cables.

Its time we stand up against this inaction and demand good roads in our city.

We need your support to have these issues with Hyderabad roads fixed and ensure sustenance. The printed copies of this petition along with the signatures will be submitted soon to the GHMC Commissioner. Here is how you can help us

1. Sign this petition and forward it to your friends.

2. Tickets for GHMC for road repairs could be logged easily at the Website: Logging tickets would help track the effectiveness of this petition as well.

3. A Facebook Event has also been created to raise awareness -

Join our campaign for good roads by signing this petition and forward it to your friends too.

Letter to
Commissioner, GHMC Sri. M.T.Krishna Babu, I.A.S
Special Commissioner, GHMC Sri.Navin Mittal I.A.S
Dear Sir,

Majority of the roads in Hyderabad are in a bad state and there are a lot of concerns on the quality of the roads and the mechanism around the ongoing maintanence. The citizens of this city are concerned about the bad situation of the roads which is leading to accidents, health issues and making commuting a torment.

GHMC as an organization has taken great citizen friendly initiatives under your leadership and is one of the pioneers in implementing an online complaint system for all issues. In spite of such a robust system existing, we continue to see the bad state of roads.
We have used the global platform to understand the severity of the issue so that we can bring it to your attention. The 8000+ Signatures gathered on this petition so far are attached along with this petition. We have had people coming together from all over the world to sign this cause.

As citizens, we understand that we need to engage with the system to help the system help us. Here're some of our recommendations that would need your consideration and leadership to get implemented.

1. Initiate all the pending road repairs before the rainy season to ensure durability and longevity of roads.

2. Accountability at Lower Levels: Work inspectors to be held accountable for the respective areas. Performance evaluation to be based on complaints registered vs. Work Inspector Observations. Monthly Report from the Work Inspector across all areas to be made available to the public. Create a mechanism for WI to report the defects to higher officials immediately.

3. Complains should not be closed without resolution. Any complaint reopened more than once to be escalated to the next level.

4. People responsible for damage of roads should be held accountable and penalized. Houses responsible for water leakage or shops or factories responsible for water leakage should be held responsible - Penalties/Fines should be stringent.

5. Quarterly Status Report on Roads to be made available on the Portal. To be classified based on conditions and any road that's left unattended to have a reason (Shortage of Manpower, Budget against allocated etc)

6. Provide option to add images in complaints. Source of complaint should be well documented. And the complainant should be kept in loop while the issue is being resolved.

7. Provide details on trucks dispatched for fixing roads and the roads fixed on a weekly basis.

8. Request to dig up roads - The standard tendency is that when a new road is laid, the request to dig it up comes from different departments. Charges for road re-laying to be based on the condition of the road. If the road is newly laid, the

9. If additional plans are proposed by other departments, the accountability should be fixed with the engineers for not planning things in advance.

10. More public participation in infrastructure building - GHMC to initiate awareness drives on Complaint Systems, and citizen participation in road maintenance (Awareness Drives, Banners etc).

11. Conduct "public hearings" in circles - So there will be more localized reach and better results.

12. Adopt scientific methods for road laying - Adopt best practices to avoid road damage due to water seeping.

We look forward to having these actions implemented so that we can have a sustainable model.
We have complete confidence on your leadership to ensure Hyderabad Roads will see life again and we will have an ongoing mechanism to ensure sustenance.

Thanks in Advance for all your Support.

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