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Rep. Weiner: Make HR 676 Your Amendment


Rep. Anthony Weiner (NY-9) is introducing an amendment to HR 3200 (America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009) that will be debated and voted on the House floor in September. 

The original amendment with 6 other cosponsors, Rep(s) Engel [NY], Baldwin [WI], Doyle [PA], Rush [IL], Schakowsky [IL], and Welch [VT] would substitute HR 676, “The U.S. National Health Care Act” for the entirety of HR 3200. This amendment, if passed, would create a single-payer National health insurance system – an expanded and improved Medicare for all.

Now that the amendment is going to the floor of the House, Rep. Weiner may not be using HR 676 as the language of the amendment. He has not publicly stated what language he will be using.

We need to make sure he stays strong on the best legislation representing the single-payer movement, HR 676, with 86 cosponsors in the House and a national movement of millions supporting it.

Letter to
Representative Anthony Weiner
I want to thank you for your support for single-payer healthcare, also known as "Medicare for All." I was thrilled that Speaker Pelosi has agreed to put your amendment to HR 3200 to a full House debate and vote this September.

While other Democrats are making concessions to PhARMA, AHIP, and other insurance lobbyists, your leadership is paramount in keeping real healthcare reform a possibility. As you have said, I do not see why Congress is doing everything it can to sustain this broken system based on private health insurers whose main interest is profit by denying care to those most in need.

Your single-payer amendment to HR 3200 can get the national debate on track toward reform that will work and I am ready to do whatever I can to support you and this amendment. I, along with millions of others, hope that you will remain true to your comments in the subcommittee, and make HR 676/Medicare for All (the National Health Care Act by Rep. John Conyers) the basis for your amendment when it reaches the full House floor in September.

Again, I thank you for your leadership and courage on this issue. But please make HR 676/Medicare for All your amendment HR 3200 in September. I, and the rest of the single-payer movement, are ready to support you.

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