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Withdraw your support for PA House Bill 1349

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House Bill 1349 is designed with the purpose of writing inequality into the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To allow one group of voters the ability to tell another that their religious practices are in some way superior is tantamount to sanctioning religious tyranny.

When it comes to matters of equality in a free society the only role of government is to assure that it takes no sides. Churches in the Commonwealth, and around the country already have the right to determine who is qualified to enter into religious marriage rights, which is why there exists in the law the practice of civil marriage. The joining of two individuals into a government recognized relationship without religious connotation. Entering into such an arrangement should never be done lightly, as it comes with a great many responsibilities. However, it comes also with many rights and privileges which help to maintain stability in society. 1138 rights and privileges that are denied to devoted gay couples because of legislation such as House Bill 1349.

We urge you not to continue telling the youth of this country that they are somehow less worthy of equality because their government has taken the side of one/any religion over that of freedom of choice and self determination.

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