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Free Anwar Sadat Director WALHI South Sumatera

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On January 29, 2013, there have been acts of persecution and arrests forced the Executive Director of WALHI South Sumatra by the South Sumatra Regional Police.

Arrests and persecution of Anwar Sadat linked to efforts to assist peasants by WALHI Sumatera Selatan in Betung village, Distric Lubuk Keliat, Ogan Ilir regency, South Sumatra Province. The Peasants questioned the arrest with the persecution of some peasants, including mosque vandalism by Police, on January 25, 2013

This incident occurred approximately on January 29, 2013 at 04:30 pm, police forces moved disperse the crowd by first raids, beat and arrested Anwar Sadat, South Sumatra Walhi Executive Director and subsequently followed by the arrest and beating of at least 25 people consisting of 3 people activists and peasants, Anwar Sadat and 25 others were beaten to bleeding wounds. Without prior treatment, he instead kept examined the status of the arrest.

State's duty to protect citizens and ensure the welfare of the people especially peasants. Not use violence against citizens demanding their rights. State government should defend the interests especially of the people. State officials not only concerned with the security guard business interests or the interests of certain groups under the guise of law and security.

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