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Equal Parenting Rights in Texas - Tx HB453 - 85(R)

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Currently there is a Bill (HB453) in the Texas State House that would encourage Family Law judges to consider Equal Parenting Orders. This would give judges the option to consider 50/50 custody arrangements, if they are found to be in the best interest of the children. 

The current Family Law code was principally written in 1995. It does not make it clear that Family Law judges should seek to allow parents to have 50/50 custody. Since it is not clearly stated in the law, more often than not one parent is awarded primary custody, and the other receives inferior possession. This is known as a 70/30 split, and in the majority of cases, it is not what is best for the children. Typically there is less conflict between the parents when they are awarded equal time with their children. Statistics have also shown that children are much more likely to be successful and to stay out of trouble when both parents are equally involved in their lives. 

HB453 has been referred to the House Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues for review. However, through meeting with state representatives and their staffers at the capitol, it has come to our attention that HB453 might not even be put on the calendar for discussion by the Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. If that happens HB453 will effectively die in Committee, without being considered. 

The person who has the power to decide if HB453 is placed on the Committee calendar is Rep. Harold V. Dutton Jr.; District 142. He is the Chair of the Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. I've created this petition to plead with Rep. Harold V. Dutton Jr. to please place HB453 on the calendar for the House Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. This issue isn't about lawyers, judges, parents, or child support, it's about the children.

Rep. Dutton, for the 60,000 children affected by divorce and separation in Texas each year, please allow HB453 to be considered by your committee in the 85th legislative session.


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